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UK GAME restocking Xbox One for your stocking

The PS4 might have won the first round of the worldwide console wars, but the Xbox One sold very well as well. So well in-fact that there’s been somewhat of a shortage as of late, but never fear if you wanted to get one by Christmas, as GAME has now received a boatload of new stock that mean you can pop on by as soon as you feel like it and grab yourself ‘one.’

We’re not talking a handful of consoles either, but according to VG247, thousands, which should mean everyone that wants to spend hundreds and hundreds of pounds on something with a privacy invading camera, they can do so.

This could be your Christmas too. Source: Reddit

KitGuru Says: Or you could spend half of that on an Oculus Rift (It’s about £180 + import tax and postage) and have some of the amazing gaming experiences I’ve been having recently. Honestly, I’ve yet to play a full game for more than 20 minutes and I’ve still had more fun and excitement out of my time on the Rift than any other game this year. It’s that good. 

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