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Xbox One could cost the most in China

Considering most of the world's electronics are manufactured in China, you'd assume that the locals would get the best deals on it. That's not often the case though and it certainly doesn't look like it'll be for the Xbox One either. While it's unconfirmed and “expected” at the moment, rather than officially announced, China's Xbox One sales price could be as high as £470.

Recently in the UK we've been benefiting from quite nice price drops on Microsoft hardware as it attempts to stay competitive with the non-camera bundling PS4, though current Amazon prices seem to be listing the Kinect bundled version at the same price as the camera-free iteration. This leaves us with available Xbox Ones at £350 a piece, which while hardly pocket change is a lot less than it was just a few months ago.


China on the other hand, where gamers have almost forgotten consoles exist they've been banned for so long, is expected to have a price of 4999 RMB, which works out at just over £470. As Kotaku points out, the page it's getting the information from isn't accessible, so it's unconfirmed for now, but considering the country's anti-console stance, it wouldn't be wholly surprising.

It would certainly put a dampener on Microsoft's attempts to gain a foothold in the country.

KitGuru Says: I can imagine a price tag like this will lead to a lot of Xbox One's “falling” off the back of trucks in the near future. 

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