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Amazon’s rumoured console could stream PC games

There have been rumours of an Amazon console/streaming device for a while now and as time goes by, signs pointing towards the retailer entering the gaming industry become more obvious. So far we’ve seen a leak for what is probably the console’s gamepad and now website TechCrunch has cited sources claiming that the device will be able to stream PC titles.

Streaming functionality will allow the console to compete with the Xbox and Playstation by streaming “top-tier” PC games at 30 frames per second. While no specific titles were mentioned, Amazon does have a wide range of games digitally available and has a far reaching network of high capacity servers capable of powering cloud based and digital services.


According to TC sources, the device will also come in a form factor similar to the Google Chromecast, meaning that the whole console could be the size of a USB stick and hide at the back of your TV. Amazon has yet to comment on these rumours and leaks but the signs are strong, the company even went as far as to buy game studio, Double Helix, last month, the developer behind Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct.

KitGuru Says: Amazon has been raising the price of its Prime service and in turn, it has been trying to add value to it. The retailer is supposedly in talks with music labels to start up a streaming service and it’s also making steps in the gaming industry, it seems that Amazon wants to become more of an all encompassing entertainment service company, rather than just a retailer. 

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