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Connecting Xbox Live and PSN could be easy according to Sony

Earlier this week, Microsoft issued an open invitation for developers to create cross-platform games between the PC and Xbox One. The company also noted that it would be open to games being cross platform with other networks, like the PlayStation Network and since then, Sony has answered a few questions about working with Microsoft on cross-platform play.

Sony hasn't confirmed any plans to allow PSN gamers to face off against those on Xbox Live but it did note that it is open to discussing cross-platform play with developers.


Now, speaking with Eurogamer, Shuhei Yoshida has had a few words to say on the matter, noting that the technical side of achieving cross-platform play “could be the easiest part”. However, there are obviously issues on the business side that would need to be worked out: “We also have to look at policy issues and business issues as well”.

KitGuru Says: Allowing Xbox One and PS4 gamers to face off against each other in certain games would greatly expand the player base. While I imagine it would be a tough sell for some games with platform exclusive promotional deals, on the whole, this seems like it would be good for most games. MMOs or titles like The Division would greatly benefit from an expanded player pool. 

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