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Epic Games head doesn’t like UWP but he is a fan of Project Scorpio

Epic Games head, Tim Sweeney, has been quite outspoken when it comes to Microsoft recently. He has heavily criticised what the company is doing with the Universal Windows Platform for PC gaming but when it comes to Microsoft's new console plans with Project Scorpio, he is actually quite pleased.

Now it's not just Microsoft that he is pleased with, Sweeney is also happy that Sony is coming out with PlayStation Neo, claiming that these newly upgraded consoles are the “ideal model” as incremental hardware upgrades mean we are no longer wiping the slate clean each generation.


Speaking with Gamespot about the idea of mid-generation console upgrades, the Epic Games boss said: “If we incrementally upgrade the hardware, then we can bring more performance to gamers without wiping the slate clean. That's incredibly valuable.”

“I think it's really the ideal model: bringing the best upgradability of the PC with the reliability of the console kept, so you're never going to have to deal with driver problems on a console, but you will get the newer hardware.”

He also went on to explain that developing for two console specs shouldn't actually be too much of a chore: “I think console with two performance points is going to be a very easy target. We can decide exactly what features we can turn on in each of the two cases, and really polish the game heavily for both cases and not have to worry about all of these intermediate points.”

Microsoft announced its new console, currently known as Project Scorpio at E3 this year with a late 2017 release window. Sony has confirmed PlayStation Neo exists but has not said much beyond that. According to the current batch of rumours, Microsoft's console is said to be the more powerful of the two, but it will be coming out at a much later date.

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KitGuru Says: I personally like the idea of offering a more powerful console mid-generation. Those who perhaps like to upgrade their tech more frequently will have the option and those who like to run one machine for as long as possible will continue to be supported. However, we have yet to see just what these new consoles will offer so time will tell if it will be worth the cost. 

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