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Overwatch gets new hero, Bliz to add one-hero limit to competitive

Blizzard announced some significant Overwatch news last night. Firstly, the studio announced Overwatch's newest hero ‘Ana', a new support character who uses a biotic rifle to restore health from a distance. Secondly, Blizzard also announced that it will no longer allow hero stacking in competitive play, meaning each team will be subjected to a one-hero limit.

Ana will be arriving in the game on the 22nd of July but Blizzard has already released a video going over her abilities, which include a sleep dart sidearm weapon, a biotic rifle that can either heal or do damage. She also has a biotic grenade that heals friendlies but also hurts enemies in a small area of effect and her ultimate ability is called Nano Boost, which gives an ally the ability to move faster, deal more damage and take less damage.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcCGKrYgr0k']


The second big change coming to Overwatch is another tweak to competitive mode. Going forward, Blizzard will no longer allow teams to double up on heroes, forcing players to spread out their team composition amongst classes. This won't effect quick play or other non-competitive game modes but so far, we don't know exactly when the change is coming. Given that there is an update planned for the 22nd of July, perhaps we will see it incorporated there.

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KitGuru Says: Overwatch's new support hero looks like it could be fun to play with all of those new abilities. Are many of you still playing Overwatch? What do you think of the changes Blizzard is making at the moment? It almost seems like every week there is something changing in competitive mode. 

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