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Microsoft has revealed exactly what happens with the data Kinect collects

Microsoft has had a tough time getting potential buyers to forget about all of the privacy concerns the internet has raised in regards to Kinect but today the company has finally let users know exactly what happens with the data Microsoft can collect in the new Xbox Live privacy statement.

Here are the new policies for Kinect:

  • Kinect can be turned off at any time with the command “Kinect off”.
  • Facial identifiers are stored locally and not shared.
  • Microsoft can share user data to comply with law enforcement or government requests.
  • Microsoft can share user info with hired companies but they must pledge to keep everything confidential.
  • Game publishers have access to in-game communications when signed in to an account with that publisher.
  • Microsoft will read player data to better target advertisements, you can opt out of this.
  • Applications using Windows phone will require location data.
  • Payment data is stored for detection purposes to combat fraud. Microsoft can share data with banks and other entities in the interest of fraud prevention or credit risk reduction.


Microsoft has been under fire ever since it supplied email and Skype details to the NSA causing many to stop trusting the company altogether including a former Microsoft privacy adviser.

Kitguru Says: Microsoft has now offered full disclosure on its privacy policies but I'm not sure what good it'll do. I don't see them winning over the privacy conscious gamers with this one. That said, you don't actually have to have the Kinect plugged in anymore, unplug it and the job's done – but that brings into question the fact that you're forced to buy one in the first place. What do you guys think of Microsoft's new privacy statement? Can the company win your trust back? 

Source: CVG via Microsoft

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