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Microsoft offering $75 credit to Xbox One buyers

Microsoft’s Xbox One sales are on the rise but the console still needs a bit of a kick if it is going to catch up to the Playstation 4 this year. Microsoft is currently offering select Xbox 360 owners $75 of credit to put towards games, DLC or even movies as long as you buy an Xbox One this month and register with Xbox Live.

A lot of last generation console gamers have yet to switch but Microsoft is willing to sweeten the deal for potential upgraders. The offer was first spotted by NeoGAF user, BeforeU.


The offer isn’t available to everyone, it looks like Microsoft is targeting a subset of US based Xbox 360 owners at the moment. The terms state that they will need to buy an Xbox One before the 31st of July and register it as a home console in order to receive the promotional code.

There are no limits on which retailer you buy the Xbox from though, it can be from any retailer or direct from a Microsoft store. You will only have until the 15th of October to redeem your free credit.

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KitGuru Says: The Xbox One didn’t get off to a great start but it has forced Microsoft in to taking a consumer friendly approach and it is working. If all goes well, this will put pressure on Sony, which will lead to better deals for all gamers. 

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  • Anthony

    Don’t like this. I have an xbox one as well as my PC and I have not been rewarded for buying the xbox one on day release.

    Why should new customers get an insentive yet existing customers recieve no reward for loyalty.

    Typical Microsoft at the end of the day.

  • Anonymous

    Anthony, deals come and go ALL the time. Should I have a whine because I bought my 280x day one and didn’t receive any Never Settle Deals? No.

    This is an incentive for buyers that are on the fence. People who are considering it, but don’t want to pull the trigger. Furthermore, it could be a certain group of 360 users that Microsoft think may be persuaded by this. We don’t really no the logistics of it.

    Why should new *potential* customers get an incentive yet existing customers receive no reward for loyalty? Because they’re no customers yet, and they may never will be. They’ve got your money, they don’t care if it’s cause of loyalty or because you like the system better, but to think you deserve something because you were loyal to a brand will get you misery and frustration in life.

    And lastly, typical Microsoft? Uh, have you looked around Anthony? This is typical business as usual. You think this is a business move that only MS use? You need to pay more attention.

  • Ryan Duty

    Frankly the deals are really on pc. With so many websites bundling and steam having more subs then PSN or XBox Live they should really consider lowering prices on things all around to entice more customers. Or maybe start working with websites like Humble Bundle, etc to sell more games and get people coming on to their online services.