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PS4 pre-orders are illegal, claims trading standards

UK games retailer, Simply Games, has been making the news this week, because it's been holding its customers PS4 pre orders for ransom, telling them if they want to keep their day one PS4, then they'll have to pay extra money to keep their spot in line.

The extra money does get you an unofficial game bundle featuring: the game Watch Dogs and an extra controller but I think we can agree that trying to extort more money out of customers unexpectedly is wrong. Simply Games' director, Neil Muspratt, has said that the ‘offer' will stay in place and that many customers were happy to pay the extra money, he said : “it's just commentators who have stirred it up”.

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Well it's not just news sites causing a stir, Britain's Trading Standards Institute doesn't agree with the retailer's way of doing business either. A representative from the Trading Standards Institute said:

“This appears to be profiteering, the seller is raising the price hoping people either drop out or pay more. If they drop out the seller can resell at a higher price to another customer.”

The representative then goes on to say that what the retailer is doing is illegal. “It is illegal and up to the Home Authority to intervene if the seller is UK based.”

With this news coming to light, I doubt this practise will be allowed to continue; the last thing we need is more retailers jumping on the band wagon.

KitGuru Says: I don't think anyone should agree with this. If it's an option they were given later then fine but to say they will lose their day one PS4 if they don't pay extra isn't right.

Have you ever been ripped off by a retailer? We'd like to hear your stories.

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  1. Playtime in Sheffield regularly sell games (I know they definitely did with GTA5 and Halo 4) at 10£ extra the day before the release date. I personally think its disgusting behavior and they shouldn’t get sent copies of the games anymore.

  2. Depending on any terms and conditions Simply Games have on their website, If people have already paid for a pre-order PS4, or made a commitment to do so and paid a deposit, then a binding contract would already have been formed. If Playtime then tried to change the terms of that contract, by, for instance, saying they wanted more money for the PS4, without the consent of the comsumer, that would be a breach of contract, and they’d be liable for damages.