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Xbox exec doesn’t think you can tell the difference between 30 or 60 fps

The UK marketing boss of Xbox doesn’t think its possible to see differences in frame rate or resolution on screens smaller than 60 inches, in-fact he even went as far as to say “I defy you to really see the difference.”

Speaking to CVG, Harvey Eagle said that one of Microsoft’s biggest challenges with the Xbox One was to overcome the disparity between perception and reality when it comes to resolution and frame rate: “I think it’s a perception challenge, absolutely.”


“If you put third-party games side-by-side that are running at slightly different resolutions or frame rates, then unless you are using a screen that’s more than 60 inches big, I defy you to really see the difference. I personally struggle to see the difference.”

It’s no secret that some third-party titles have been running at 60 frames per second on the PS4 while being capped at 30 on the Xbox One, which is certainly a noticeable difference no matter how big or small your screen is. However, it could be argued that the difference between 900p and 1080p is less noticeable.

You can read the rest of CVG’s interview with Eagle, HERE. 

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KitGuru Says: Microsoft has been building up a lot of positive PR recently thanks to its new development kit, which is capable of matching the PS4 in terms of graphical horsepower, so it’s a shame to see someone from the company come out and say something like this as it could damage the brand’s only recently healed reputation. What do you guys think of this? I’m pretty sure it’s possible to tell differences in resolution and frame rate on a screen smaller than 60 inches…

Source: MCV

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  • Frankie

    “If you put third-party games side-by-side that are running at slightly different resolutions or frame rates, then unless you are using a screen that’s more than 60 inches big, I defy you to really see the difference. I personally struggle to see the difference.”

    I don’t find this to be true at all. Even with a 24 inch screen running at 60 Hz, I can tell the difference between 30 frames and 60 frames. Of course the the game play of the latter being more fluid. I think that it is about time for consoles to run most if not all games at 60 fps.

  • Gonzalo Tapia

    Some people can EVEN differentiate between 60 and 120FPS…
    I think it’s indistinguishable between 900 and 1080p, but 720 vs 1080 its HUGE.

  • Craig Vasconcellos

    Hah this is so stupid he needs to see Linus’ video where he can tell the difference between 60fps (60hz monitor) and 120fps (120hz). Its absurdly noticeable in a game like league of legends. I dare you to set the cap to 30fps after playing at 60. Even on a dinky little 17.3 inch screen it’s night and day. Really, this is beyond stupid. This is almost as dumb as the legitimate rape thing with congress. Console developers only know one thing, apparently. And that’s how to trick Noob gamers into buying their useless crap.

  • Alexander Possessed

    Guys… we’re talking here about console fanboys. Xbox360 fans still think they’re little toy is better than a PC ;). I find it quite possible that they cannot see the difference because they never saw 60fps 😉
    As for the resolution, even on a 32inch tv you can sense 720p vs 1080p from a freakin difference, I have a friend with glasses and she can see the difference even without wearing them. But then again, console players never actually saw 1080p to begin with

  • Sam Marino

    This, this, this made me laugh.


  • Luke W.

    I’ll just leave this here.


  • Testius

    Then Tell him to go watch the LinusTechTips channel on youtube.
    The difference is not something spectacular but there is a difference for sure.
    Someone with no experience over fps and heartz may not see the difference.
    Should we pursue 60fps? I think no. There are other stuff more visible.

  • XLighterShadowX

    He clearly has a 4:3 monitor only capable of 30fps. Bet he even tried the fps comparison test with it

  • Chris Gurrell

    How is this guy the head of anything even remotely related to gaming if he can’t tell the difference between 30fps and 60fps?

    The Human eye doesn’t see in fps. It sees a constant flow of movement. There is a limit to what we can see, but it’s higher than any refresh rate currently available on ANY monitors.

  • Lewis Kimber

    And here is an example of a stuck up, arrogant PC game in it’s natural habitat. Always believing that their PC is the ‘Master Race’, and refusing to understand the fact that not everybody has tonnes of money to spend on a PC. Consoles are the budget option. They are cheaper than PCs, and for a reason. I will not deny the superiority of PCs over consoles, but most PC game are so simple minded, believing that they are always correct, and never looking at any other options. Of course your $1000 dollar PC is going to be better than my $500 Xbox One, you are paying double for it. The point is that consoles are for people who are a little more restricted when it comes to money. But of course, you arrogant PC gamers aren’t going to agree with this.

  • Oranji Juusu

    The last time a Microsoft exec was this wrong Bill Gates missed the boat on the consumer internet explosion.

  • James Gant

    And there is an example of someone who thinks it take 1k for a PC to match a console for performance try more like $600-$700. Then when you take into account the fact PC games are cheaper (20-25%) and you have access to massive back catalogue of titles for as little as $0.49 each on platforms such as STEAM and GoG you get even more value for money. Plus you don’t pay a subscription for multiplayer gaming services, games can be modded to increase replayability and you can have control over many aspects of the setup to make it perform how you want it to. Let’s not even get started on the fact it can be used for everything a normal pc can and if something goes wrong you replace that part, not the whole machine.
    I will give you a PC is a little more trouble than a console to begin with, it isn’t a lot of the time a simple plug and play but most people these days have basic pc knowledge, they are everywhere.

  • Crate – A – Day

    My PC was $538 and runs every multiplatform game I’ve tested at a higher resolution, higher frame rate and higher graphic fidelity than the XB1 versions. I use it in the living room with my 52″ HDTV and wireless 360 controller. I could have kept it under $500 but I really wanted the 1TB drive over a 500GB drive since my game library is quite large. It doesn’t take much to match or outperform the current consoles…

  • Dan

    A $500 pc outpreforms an xbox one, the cost argument is completely false. Same the the arguments of “console gamers have controllers” and “console gamers can sit in a comfortable chair and play on a t.v.”.

    Also, with every console game most remain at $60 for a very long time,and rarely drop to 30% off let alone 50% off, in fact some AAA games are on sale before they are even released! I have 140+ games, all of which I have purchased for under $330, or 5.5 console games. Also, we have things like humblebundle.com, where there are outrageous deals AND you can choose to donate all the money you spend to charity.

  • James Brand

    Keep telling yourself that Peasant, I laugh at you calling those welfare boxes “other options” I can build a PC for $600 plug it into my TV and it will still perform better then a XB1/PS4 a $1000 PC makes your welfare box look as about as advanced as a N64.

    And no I don’t give 2 shit’s about your lame exclusives like Sunset Overdrive or Halo MasterChief Collection.I can get all the best AAA games for less money on Steam,play those games on Higher Resolution and Higher FPS,mod the living crap out of them and never have to give MS or Sony a Dime to play MP.

  • Lewis Kimber

    Okay, maybe not so much the Xbox One, but think, the Xbox 360. You can pick up one new for $150, 500GB. This will run all games released for it, including very intensive games such as Battlefield 4, at 30fps. Although this is not 60fps, for the money you are paying, I think this is pretty damn incredible. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not sticking up for consoles at all, infact I am currently in the middle of building my own PC, but the fact of the matter is, for the money, consoles are better value.

    Plus, another factor is how easy it is to turn on a console and start playing. This is in comparison to PCs, where you have to turn it on, and then you have to open Skype or TeamSpeak to speak to people, and millions of other applications for other things. With consoles, you have none of these issues. And also, playing with a controller is a lot more enjoy than a keyboard. (I know that you can get controllers for PC but they are not compatible with every game, and are often not particularly well made, as well as adding to the cost factor.)

  • Alexander Possessed

    I’m a 24 year old student and my financial situation ain’t even close to being great. yet I love my computer and I upgrade it everytime I can put some money asside for it, and even so it’s still less than 800 euros at this moment. Also got an xbox360 and a ps3, both of them for the exclusives. Console fanboys, such as yourself, always tend to go so hard and comment about it, and when we laugh in your face, you think we just consider ourselves master race. A pc master race fan has some really expensive hardware in their house, not my jokes. Nah, I’m the poor guy who raised whenever he could to have each of the consoles and a pc, and in the future getting both new gen consoles also, this making me seem a bit more impartial. Yet even with that impartiality from owning 2 consoles and a pc, I still think they suck. And this is why I believe they suck, because of the great people defending their consoles, and because of the people in leadership positions who don’t know sh!t about what they are building (see article above) and thus don’t give their fans what they should receive. instead of bragging about your crapbox one which gives just a lil bit of a difference in comparison to xbox360, yell at Harvey Eagle and his type of people, they’re the one making your console be such a small difference from the previous one, and in the same time making pc seem a lot more worth it

  • Alexander Possessed

    And another thing: consoles ain’t the cheaper choice, they’re maybe cheaper to buy, but overall you spent a hell damn lot more buying games for your toys than pc does. the console stores do have special offers from time to time, I know i try to be on the lookout, but they ain’t even close to the sales and price reductions you can find for pc on steam, origin, and websites, if you look for them. So yeah, I spend more on my toy when i build it from scratch (which I haven’t done in at least 8 years, I just keep upgrading one-two pieces at a time), while you spend a lot more on the games, and need to make a more expensive upgrade every 3-4 years to get the new console. in the long run, pc is cheaper

  • CBM64/128

    I can tell the difference between 60 and 120 so he should!

  • Crate – A – Day

    My $538 HTPC that I referenced after your first post runs Windows 8.1 with XBMC installed on top. It boots directly into XBMC. With Windows 8.1 over Windows 7, it can go from being powered down to the XBMC home screen in 10 seconds…and thats on a HHD. I don’t even know how fast it would go if I ran it from an SSD…but I had a budget to abide by. I think that is pretty quick compared to the time it takes my PS3 to power up.

    If you are unfamiliar with XBMC (X Box Media Center), it is an interface that makes browsing your shit really simple – like on console. I press the power button, wait 10 seconds and then use my 360 controller to navigate left and right through “TV Shows”, “Movies”, “Programs”, “Weather”, “Steam” and more. I have been watching a lot of TV recently, so I normally head to the “TV Shows” tab where it lists all of my stored files that I have collected over the years. It pulls cover art, titles and episode info for everything I have. The possibilities are seriously endless. I recently added a N64 Emulator to the interface which will launch it and bring up every N64 ROM that I have. I am going to do SNES next when I find time.

    When I want to play Tomb Raider 2014 or Watch Dogs, I navigate to “Steam” and hit it. It launched into Steam Big Picture Mode and logs me in. Now I am staring at 516 games with cover art. If I decide I don’t want to play games anymore, I exit SBPM with my controller and it bounces back into XBMC.

    If I don’t want to do anything media related and want to grab my little HTPC keyboard to type up this response, I can just Alt+Tab to the desktop and launch Word.

    Here is someone’s demo of their XBMC set up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxKJJe8ECq0

  • Brandon Georgie

    I’m typing on a $575 PC that absolutely blows the Xbone out of the water, and has a wider variety of games, idk where you get your parts from.

  • Brandon Georgie

    What’s the point in value if you can’t play they games that you really want to play? You mention logging into teamspeak or skype… Do you even realize how fast a PC boots with an SSD? And that opening a VoIP program literally 2 clicks to open it and 1 click to connect to server? This whole process takes less than 20 seconds, from the second you turn on your PC. You can control what apps run on startup, and controllers may not be natively compatible with SOME games, you can easily force them to accept the controller with the right software, and even customize the mapping far more than you could with any console.

  • Chrisaroo


  • MangoMango

    To Harvey Eagle; to make a statement that is absurdly wrong about a subject or industry which you’re heavily involved in at a senior level.

  • letsgoiowa

    I found BF4 for the 360: http://www.amazon.com/Battlefield-4-Xbox-360/dp/B00EFFW0HC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1405120805&sr=8-1&keywords=bf4+xbox+360

    It’s $25. I got BF4 for $20 less than a month after launch. I played BF3 on the 360 religiously, but from my experience the framerate really doesn’t stay at 30. Frequent dips to low 20’s and major screen-tearing are commonplace, on top of obviously poor settings and an extremely low resolution that prevents you from being able to see enemies from a distance clearly. If BF4 is anything like BF3, those issues persisted and maybe even got worse. Plus, its map sizes are very limited and the player count is only at 24, which isn’t exactly a real “Battlefield” experience. Conquest is just far too empty and isn’t fun if it’s not 48 players at least. It’s not the best idea to buy a 360 right now, considering it’s being phased out and forgotten. To use a pretty extreme term I’ve seen thrown around, it’s basically a welfare machine. It’s telling when it’s a big achievement that the game is even able to run at all.

    “Plus, another factor is how easy it is to turn on a console and start playing.”

    On the 360, I remember being showered in intrusive updates that pretty much prevented this, as well as a slow boot and loading times. If you’ve got an SSD, obviously it’ll be ready in a matter of seconds, but a decent Caviar Blue like mine will still load up something like Skyrim with about a hundred mods in under 15 seconds.

    “This is in comparison to PCs, where you have to turn it on, and then you have to open Skype or TeamSpeak to speak to people, and millions of other applications for other things.”

    The simple solution is to just get the programs you’re going to use to run at startup. I think you’re exaggerating quite a bit. Right now, I have Skype, Steam, and Chrome open. Nothing else at all. Two of those I have set to open automatically, and Chrome is just there when I need it. I don’t know where you’re getting the idea you absolutely need tons of other programs open. I’ll use the old adage: just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

    “(I know that you can get controllers for PC but they are not compatible with every game, and are often not particularly well made, as well as adding to the cost factor.)”

    You can literally use the exact same 360 and X1 controller you already use. You already have a 360, correct? Most people do, and even PS3 controllers work. In my experience, they’re compatible with everything you’d expect them to be. I was playing Titanfall the other day with my 360 controller. Mirror’s Edge and Dead Island are just fine. It’s about $15 for a wireless adapter, which is pretty minimal. If you’ve got a wired controller, that’ll just work.

  • Ardie De Leon

    I have a 16-inch monitor (SyncMaster B1630) and I can pretty much tell
    the difference between playing games in 30fps and 60fps… playing in
    60fps feels a WHOLE LOT smoother and the image looks more beautiful
    during fast camera movements… playing in 30fps even irritates some
    people that are used to playing in 60fps… i’m not sure why sir harvey
    can’t tell the difference… maybe he doesn’t really play..?

  • Dan

    I see what you are trying to say and I understand. However you are now crossing a line between current technology and outdated technology, so it’s a bit irrelevant. However, your controller argument is still completely false. I purchased a wireless receiver from amazon for $5, it can connect to 4 xbox 360 controllers, so unless you mean to say Microsoft doesn’t make good controllers I fail to recognize that point. Also, quite a large percentile of games do have controller support (the largest portion that don’t are games that don’t need it, 4x for example dose not benefit from a controller, but even some 4x’s have controller support.)

    And simplicity can be a good and bad thing. With pc’s you have options, with consoles you do not. Sure you have to do an extra step and download these programs, but really how hard is it to install a program, a pigeon could do it.

    I can also make the argument that pc is just as easy to jump on and start playing. With a console you need to wait for it to boot, sign in and launch the game. The same goes for pc’s, albeit they have a slightly longer loading time, but operating systems are getting faster and faster, the time difference between turning on and playing when it comes to consoles and pc’s is negligible.

  • Sander Zuckerman

    Please refer to http://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/builds and look at “The Console Crusher.” It outweighs any console performance, and at an agreeable $400.

  • Max Lewis

    This Xbox guy sounds like a real pancake

  • Not_true

    Nice job leaving out the $90 Windows license (according to pcpartpicker prices).

  • Not_true

    I hope you’re trolling, it would be sad if you’re actually mentally ill enough to hate people for playing on consoles and hate pieces of plastic.

    I’ve built PCs, I own a high end PC, I don’t feel the need to hate people who game on consoles or pretend a decent gaming PC is cheaper than it really is. It’s best to have both a good PC and consoles if you can afford it.

  • Not_true

    Those lists are a joke.

  • fteoOpty64

    Oh, he just had lousy eyes and do not know it. Just like some “golden ears” people testing high-end audio, they just had the sensors in a biological way and their brains know how to use it!. So if one does not have such a sensor so acute, one just cannot detect it, can one ?.

  • Crate – A – Day

    You can buy Windows for 15$ from tons of different serial dealers. There is an entire reddit dedicated to it. Takes 5 minutes and a PayPal account. Fully legal but you have to download the Windows ISO since you are only buying a serial number. But even if you wanted a physical disk, a $600 computer that out preforms all consoles in terms of resolution, frame rate and graphics is a pretty good deal. Plus it is a computer.

  • Not_true

    And people wonder why consoles keep selling so well.

  • you can go on /r/pcmasterrace for help to get you a pc that is affordable. That community is very helpful. Need help for a pc, to get windows (legal ofc) or install anything, they will help you.

  • Crate – A – Day

    Because they are targeting tweens and teens with financial input from their parents? That’s like saying “and people wonder why Justin Bieber is one of the top selling artists”. If consumers are too young or too uneducated to see that Bieber is a terrible artist and person, they will get sucked into the money hole…

  • ramonzarat

    “Xbox exec doesn’t think you can tell the difference between 30 or 60 fps”

    Xbox exec are fucking stupid… Now tell me that there is no perceptible difference between 720p, 900p and 1080p or 16, 24 and 32 bit color or DX9, DX10 and DX11 while at it??? For fuck’s sake…