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Xbox One X pre-orders are live, Microsoft promises 100 Enhanced games at launch

Microsoft kicked off Gamescom last night with its own press conference, during which the company spent a lot of time talking about Xbox One X. Not only are pre-orders now live, but there are multiple ‘special edition’ consoles and so far, close to 120 games are confirmed to be receiving ‘enhanced’ modes for the new console. Better yet, 100 of those games will receive their enhancements in time for launch on the 7th of November.

Let’s start off with pre-orders. Here in the UK, Xbox One X pre-orders went live at GAME and Amazon last night. Aside from the standard edition console we saw announced at E3, Microsoft will also be releasing a ‘Minecraft’ edition skinned console, as well as a very limited ‘Project Scorpio’ edition. You can see all three consoles side by side below:

With Crackdown 3 no longer launching this holiday season, Microsoft needed to focus on other games in order to convince you to pick up an Xbox One X. Fortunately, the company has been keeping organised, with a ton of third-party studios already planning Xbox One X support in time for launch. There are just under 120 games confirmed to be receiving enhancements for the new console and according to Microsoft, around 100 of those games should be patched close to or on launch day.

Some of the highlights for me include The Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XV, Halo 5: Guardians, The Division, Wolfenstein II and Assassin’s Creed: Origins. That’s just my personal list of highlights, you can see the complete list of Xbox One X Enhanced games over on Microsoft’s official page.

KitGuru Says: As far as console tech goes, the Xbox One X is actually fairly impressive. They've managed to do quite a lot with such a small box and while dynamic resolutions and other techniques may be in place, this is still Microsoft's chance to take back the crown when it comes to having ‘the most powerful console'. Whether or not that leads to more exclusive games still remains to be seen.

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