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Sony ‘remastering’ PSP games for PS3 – new HD content

Sony have announced that they are planning to move older PSP titles onto the PS3, but this won't be a plain ole emulator. The electronics giant want to remaster the old games and add new content, high definition graphics, support for DualShock 3 controllers and even in some cases 3D stereoscopic support.

They have released the first title in Japan only, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Cleverly they have worked out a system to transfer the saved game progress between PS3 and PSP, so if you change console mid game you can continue where you left off.

Games in this series are also set to work with Sony's Ad Hoc multiplayer service. This means that someone playing a PSP title on a PS3 will still be able to play with other gamers playing the game on their PSP. The Ps3 will work as a wireless access point between the PSP and PS3.

KitGuru says: No more information on what will be coming up and what will be reaching the UK and US audiences, but there are a lot of classic older titles that would look great with some TLC.

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