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Atlus teases New Projects, including Persona 5 R

Atlus is known for giving its Persona franchise the enhanced treatment, releasing Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden with new content on top of the respective base games. It seems as though the developer is set to continue this effort with Persona 5 R, alongside potential as-of-yet unannounced spin-offs.

The teaser depicts Persona 5’s Shibuya district in Tokyo, with four displays projecting the Phantom Thieves’ “Take Your Heart” Logo. This is followed by the reveal that more information surrounding “New Projects” would come on “2019.3,” which presumably means March of next year. Given that the title of the teaser and website at the end both point to P5R, it’s likely that Persona 5 R is Atlus’ next release.

Persona 5 R originally appeared among various website domain listings acquired by Atlus early last year, alongside PQ2.jp, which became the official website to Persona Q2 for 3DS. Interestingly, P5R cropped up once again earlier this month, within a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak pertaining to the next DLC fighter supposedly being Square Enix’s Erdrick from Dragon Quest III.

To gain credibility, the leaker outlined further details on top of the already-announced Joker DLC, suggesting that his appearance was tied with marketing for P5R – a complete version of Persona 5. Beyond this, the leak also stated that Atlus was hard at work on P5U, a fighting game that has currently experienced an internal delay due to the development of a Granblue fighting game. This would explain why “New Projects” is plural.

No more information was given within the teaser, leaving fans guessing what content P5R could add on top of the base game. Persona 3 FES included an epilogue for players to run through post-game, while Persona 4 Golden layered more onto its story while bringing the game to PlayStation vita from PS2. Many initially believed P5R to mark the games transition onto Nintendo Switch, helping to justify Joker’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate beyond Persona Q2, however Sony’s PlayStation logo shows that the new title will at least be coming to PS4.

KitGuru Says: Well, it looks like I’ll be buying Persona 5 again, although I really should wait until March to commit to the idea. The now-official status of P5R does lend credibility to the original Super Smash Bros. Ultimate leak, however, meaning that Erdrick could very well be on the horizon. What would you like to see in Persona 5 R’s supposedly complete edition?

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