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Botched Amazon listing hints at Fallout 76 release date ahead of E3 reveal

Last week, Bethesda announced Fallout 76, a supposedly online experiment on the developer’s normal single-player format. While more will be revealed during Bethesda’s conference on June 10th, it looks like we might have an indication of when the new post-apocalyptic title will release.

Typically, a new Fallout title falls into an Autumn release window, with Bethesda releasing Fallout 3 on October 28th, 2008 and Obsidian’s spin-off Fallout: New Vegas on 19th October, 2010. Fallout 4’s launch was slightly later, arriving on 10th November, 2015.

This, combined with Fallout 76 being announced within a similar time frame since Fallout 4 as New Vegas was to Fallout 3 leads many to believe that Bethesda will be launching the brand new title in October, November or, at a push, December.

There’s a chance, however, that the launch date could be much sooner than anticipated. In a botched Amazon listing, Fallout 76 was spotted with the tagged release date of July 31st, 2018 before being quickly changed to a much more open December 31st, 2019.

It’s quite possible that this was a simple blunder on Amazon’s part, however, as it is rare to see a title launch just two months after it’s unveiled. Then again, a multiplayer Fallout is similarly unheard of.

KitGuru Says: It seems that a lot of people are conflicted about the reports surrounding the upcoming title, with many criticising the departure into new territory. Personally, I’m keeping open minded and concentrating on it not being a mainline, numbered release. Are you excited for Fallout 76? What would you like to see from the online title?

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