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Sources say that Fallout 76 will be a multiplayer survival game

Yesterday, Bethesda dropped quite the surprise on us with the reveal of Fallout 76. After around 24 hours of teasing on Twitch, the trailer dropped, but unfortunately didn't give much away. The proper reveal will be taking place at E3 next weekend, but thanks to some leaks, we already have a good grasp on what to expect- and it's not a traditional single-player RPG.

According to sources speaking with Jason Schreier at Kotaku, Fallout 76 is an ‘experimental' entry to the Fallout franchise. It was originally prototyped as a multiplayer version of Fallout 4, but evolved into an online survival game, inspired by games like Rust.

Fallout 4's base building mechanics will make a return in Fallout 76, the game will also have a story line and various side quests. However, if this leak is accurate, it will be multiplayer focussed. The game is in co-development between Bethesda Game Studios' main office in Maryland, and the Austin office, which was formerly known as ‘BattleCry Studios'.

One source described the game as an online ‘service' game, so expect changes and evolutions to take place over time. There are still a lot of unanswered questions, particularly regarding any PvP gameplay, but we can expect to learn more next week.

KitGuru Says: When I first saw the Fallout 76 teaser, I was relieved that we weren't just getting a Fallout 3 remaster this year. However, the teaser did have me thinking about another New Vegas style spin-off. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that's what we'll be getting, but I'm still intrigued. How would you guys feel about a Fallout-based survival game?  It makes sense for the Fallout universe, but it is certainly a very different direction for Bethesda. 

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