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H1Z1 is splitting in to two separate games

After some time in early access, Daybreak Studios is now splitting H1Z1 into two separate games. While H1Z1 initially launched as an open-world zombie survival multiplayer game, it eventually got the Battle Royale game mode, which essentially plays out like the hunger games where a group of players compete to …

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Here’s a few minutes of Adr1ft gameplay

Adr1ft, the survival-in-space sim co-developed by Adam Orth, the guy that said those things we hated that one time, has a new gameplay video out, showing what exactly it is players will be doing on the damaged space station, since we know it won’t be killing aliens or slide kicking …

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Wild is online survival where all animals are playable

There’s been a bit of a glut of online survival games as of late, often pitting players against zombies, or strange demons and even dinosaurs, but in each of those instances you’re playing as a human, usually a contemporary one: not so in WiLD. Despite its irritating capitalisation, WiLD is …

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The Division has been delayed until 2015

In the wake of Ubisoft’s recent fiscal year loss it has been announced that its next generation title, The Division, has been delayed until at least the second quarter of 2015 on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The upcoming game is running on the new Snow Drop engine, which …

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SOE reveals H1Z1 monetization plans

Sony Online Entertainment recently announced its free to play title, H1Z1, another zombie survival game. Like with any free to play game, monetisation will play a huge part in the title’s success so trying to keep things fair and balanced is key. SOE had its first monetisation planning meeting this …

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Rust ditches zombies

Rust, the open world survival and trouser finding sim created by Garry’s Mod developer, Garry Newman, has now completely ditched zombies from the game. While Rust was initially intended as more of an open world DayZ, with the current spate of zombie survival titles out there, Newman felt they had …

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