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Star Citizen is getting survival mechanics

Star Citizen is still pretty far away from a final release but good progress is continuing to be made. This week, the development team revealed their plans for survival mechanics, with systems for eating, drinking and maintaining body temperature. 

Inside Star Citizen is a developer diary series from Cloud Imperium, focusing on delivering behind the scenes updates on what's next for the game as it continues to grow. When visiting harsh environments, not wearing the right kind of hazard suit will be a quick way to catch hypothermia, while not eating or drinking will also have detrimental effects:

Star Citizen isn't a traditional survival game but it is an immersive space simulator, so having negative effects and being able to prepare for them is an addition that makes sense. You wouldn't want to explore a harsh ice planet without some kind of protection against the low temperatures and vice versa for hotter planets.

Of course, you may also want to prepare for a fight, in which case you can eat or drink to provide health and stamina buffs. Health regeneration can also be provided through medicine packs.

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KitGuru Says: This seems like a year where much more Star Citizen news will be coming through. A lot of big, major technical changes were announced late last year, all in an effort to make content creation and implementation faster for developers, so hopefully this will be the start of those efforts. What do you all think of Star Citizen including survival mechanics? 

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