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Bungie releases a new trailer for Destiny 2’s first expansion, The Curse of Osiris

The first expansion for Destiny 2 releases tomorrow, sending players to Mercury to meet a fabled character in the series. Ahead of its launch, Bungie has released a trailer for The Curse of Osiris that gives a first look at its upcoming raid.

Players missed out on new details surrounding the title's first expansion when Bungie instead opted to delay this in order to address concerns. While it might not be as in-depth as the livestream planned to be, its new 2-minute trailer does contain some new information to feast your eyes on.

The Curse of Osiris holds something for everyone, from a new level cap to a new story, new gear to Strikes, and even multiplayer gets some love in the form of new Crucible maps. The most interesting feature that the trailer shows, however, is a look at the new raid lair, titled Eater of Worlds.

This is a six-man challenge set after the events of the main game. Players take aim on a new Leviathan spaceship, featuring a new boss and a condensed playtime in comparison to previous efforts.

Also launching tomorrow is Destiny's second Season, in which Bungie has promised a rebalanced sandbox. Each season will be a chance for the developer to overhaul critical elements to the game, from rebalancing to new additions across emotes, items, cosmetics and more.

KitGuru Says: Hopefully, the start of a new Season means the start of a Bungie that's more forthcoming with its actions, dedicated to player experiences. Afterall, it is a ‘games as a service' title. I just hope that the new emotes don't create another Bureaucratic Walk fiasco, as inventive as that was for the players to use. Are you looking forward to playing The Curse of Osiris?

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