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Elite gets Dangerous as Thargoids arrive later this month

Frontier Developments teased the return of the villainous Thargoids back in January, as Elite: Dangerous players were pulled out of hyperspace to be met by an intimating, yet harmless ship. The upcoming 2.4 update aptly titled The Return is set to see this race coming back in a greater capacity, and has now been given the release date of September 26th.

The Thargoids were introduced in 1984’s Elite video game and haven’t appeared since Elite: Dangerous’ predecessor Frontier: First Encounters back in 1995. This all changed back in January as players were pulled out of hyperspace by what was speculated at the time to be a Thargoid ship.

Since then, many have discovered ruins of alien species, getting more excited at the thought of other races being introduced into Elite: Dangerous. Community manager Edward Lewis officially confirmed this by saying “On launch day you’ll be interacting with the most mysterious and deadly things you’ve encountered in the Elite Dangerous galaxy – the Thargoids.”

Details were kept under wraps as this is story-based content, which doesn’t seem to stop at the introduction of the Thargoid race, with Lewis hinting that “Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will then continue to roll out with interactive narrative-based content emerging over the coming months.”

The accompanying cinematic doesn’t show any gameplay, but does a good job of showing the impending threat that the Thargoids pose just as they did in the original games. More information should be available on October 7th as the developers host Frontier Expo 2017 in London.

KitGuru Says: Three years is a long time to hunt for alien life, however this is beyond just the hunt now and is sure to draw many players back into the fold. Are you interested in jumping back on Elite: Dangerous?

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