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Fallout 76 customer information gets leaked by Bethesda support

Just as Bethesda seemingly gains control of its Fallout 76 collector’s edition fiasco, it seems as though the company has struggled to keep a lid on customer information. Although Bethesda has since managed to plug the leak, those that sent a ticket to claim their replacement bag briefly found their personal data inadvertently falling into the hands of other Bethesda account users.

Bethesda found itself in hot water with fans last week, after Fallout 76 Power Armour edition buyers noted the cheap quality of the nylon bag received instead of the advertised canvas bag on posters. While the publisher initially justified its actions, calling the model seen on the poster a “prototype” with no plans to rectify the situation, it did double back on itself to offer replacements to those who submitted a ticket to Bethesda support.

Unfortunately, a bug in the system allowed users to access tickets from other customers, containing email and home addresses, as well as partial credit card information. Thanks to users who flocked to social media sites Reddit and Twitter, Bethesda managed to fix the bug quickly, claiming that it only impacted a “limited number” of account users.

Bethesda reassured that “no full credit card numbers or passwords were disclosed” and that it plans to notify customers affected by the breath.

KitGuru Says: This is a lot of hassle for Fallout 76 Power Armour Edition owners to go through to get a bag that was initially advertised to them. Bethesda might have a handle on things now, but the publisher needs to be careful not to lose any more of fans’ already dwindling faith.

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