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Google’s Chrome 64 hits beta, blocks sound from autoplaying videos and stops intrusive pop-ups

Back in September, we learned that Google’s Chrome 64 was in the works, planning to put an end to websites autoplaying content with sound. Now, the beta is here and the company has done just that, alongside an improved pop-up blocker.

The Chrome 64 beta enables users to easily mute autoplaying videos across an entire website, accessible through options presented via the green lock or info section displayed to the left of the URL. This will present the ability to always allow audio, always block audio or simply stick with the default setting.

Another intrusive tactic that websites have been employing in recent years is intrusive pop-up advertisements. Chrome 64 employs an improved pop-up blocker that prevents the use of transparent overlays or decoy buttons that redirect to new tabs, windows or pop-ups of any kind.

While this helps keep users away from malicious content, Google has also begun blocking third-party content that is hidden in a webpage unless the user has directly interacted with that element.

Lastly, Chrome 64 has introduced HDR playback, providing its user can meet the requirements of utilising the Windows 10 Creators Update, a HDR compatible graphics card and a HDR compatible display.

Eventually, Google plans to implement its previously announced Split View feature into its Chrome OS, enable developers to better resize web pages on dynamic websites and a bunch of other features.

KitGuru Says: Since Mozilla released its Firefox Quantum, I haven’t looked back, so it’s nice to see Google firing back and giving its Chrome browser, and operating system for that matter a boost. What do you currently use as your default browser?

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