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Metal Gear Survive drops single-player story details, beta won’t come to PC

Konami’s first Metal Gear game without creator Hideo Kojima by its side is set to release in February with an upcoming beta scheduled for next month. Unfortunately, PC users will be disappointed to know that they won’t be able to test Metal Gear Survive in January, but the publisher has released details of its single-player campaign to get everyone excited regardless.

As we already knew, Metal Gear Survive follows Big Boss’ soldiers who were present on Mother Base at the time of a strange phenomenon causing a wormhole to open in the sky. After pulling them into the vortex, the soldiers are dropped into an alternate world six months later, all according to the plan of a “mysterious organisation.”

Since this world is crawling with cystalised zombie-like “Wanderers”, Metal Gear Survive, of course, forces the player to survive by hunting for food, gathering materials and crafting weapons, gear and structures to help defend themselves. Base building is also an incredibly important mechanic, in which survivors you save throughout your journey will eventually join your cause.

“You never know when the Wanderers will attack your base camp,” says the narrator, “you have to be prepared for it at any time—don't forget to set your defences.”

Unfortunately for solo players, the stronger, more “powerful items and weapons” are locked behind the multiplayer component, in which players will be rewarded the recipes. This is likely to save to the individual account and be utilised in single-player, however.

It seems that melee weapons are preferable in this title, with ammo for ranged firearms being incredibly scarce. Wanderers also respond to noise, so melee weapons and even the bow are much more preferable. The latter also enables you to retrieve used arrows to reuse in the future.

Metal Gear Survive uses a similar mission system to its counterparts, offering a main line of missions to offer story and further the protagonist’s campaign, as well as side missions that can help build that character’s gear to better survive the harder missions later down the line.

Metal Gear Survive launches on the 20th and 22nd February in the US and Europe respectively.

KitGuru Says: While Kojima’s fans are unlikely to be swayed, I do like the look of the mechanics and can feel myself being enticed so long as I don’t consider it a true Metal Gear title. After all, the mechanics in The Phantom Pain (which it shares) are great. My main gripe is that I can’t realistically abbreviate it to MGS. What do you think of the new MS: Survive footage?

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