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Apple dominates most of Google’s search categories throughout 2017

Google has released its top web searches on the platform throughout 2017, giving us a look into trending topics and via country. The categories span from the tech world to movies and television to, of course, memes.

It seems that 2017 has been a particularly lucrative year for technology, particularly in the smartphone world. Eight out of the top ten in the Global Consumer Tech category are filled with handsets from various brands, with Apple taking the top two with its iPhone 8 and flagship iPhone X.

It seems more people around the world were more interested in Nintendo’s new console than Samsung’s Galaxy S8 as the Switch takes third place and the handset takes fourth, shortly followed by Microsoft’s iterative update to its Xbox One console, the Xbox One X.

This order largely remains the same when looking at statistics specifically for the United States, with Razer’s foray into the smartphone world taking the fifth spot instead.

Strangely, the UK didn’t have its own list regarding top Consumer Tech trending searches, but Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X did make it onto the island’s Top Trending category at number two and number ten respectively.

As for other categories, Netflix tended to dominate top searches for TV Shows with the likes of its Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why and Iron Fist, while superheroes swept the Movies category with Wonder Woman, Logan, Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok.

Google’s trending 2017 searches also encompass People, News, Actors, Elections, Events, Musicians and many more. And yes, memes too. Check them out here.

KitGuru Says: Overall, it seems that people are unsurprisingly more interested in searching for celebrities, media, tech and… well, fidget spinners, which managed to top pretty much every English-speaking top search I looked at. Does any of this surprise you?

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