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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s special edition includes downloadable potions for some reason

The Pokemon franchise is no stranger to special editions, containing Steelbooks, figurines or being bundled with a limited edition 3DS variant. With Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon out later this year, the contents of the special edition have been revealed and oddly enough, rather than a nice physical. collectible item, this time around GameFreak has decided to include a download code for in-game potions.

While the Fan Edition includes one game accompanied by a Steelbook, the The Ultra Dual Edition includes physical copies of both games in a special Steelbook case, curiously with 2 download codes for 50 potions each.

Starting with 50, or possibly 100 more potions will certainly make the beginning of each game easier, but potions often become redundant early on, particularly when you gain access to Super Potions. Still, while the inclusion of downloadable potions may open the game up to ‘pay to win’ jokes, this is still far from traditional DLC practices, which GameFreak has previously said it will not partake in.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release on the Nintendo 3DS on 17th November, taking players back to the Alola region that debuted in last year’s Sun and Moon. Details on the titles are slim, but they will contain a new story, perhaps similarly to how GameFreak handled Black+White and their respective sequels.

KitGuru Says: Pokemon isn’t a particularly challenging game to begin with, so potions aren’t particularly necessary early on. By the time they do become important, you will have already likely reached a town with Super Potions, making this ‘special edition’ inclusion rather redundant. Do you guys think downloadable potions are a worthy enough inclusion for a special edition? 

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