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New leak points to three RX Vega cards- Vega XTX, XT and XL

AMD is just a few weeks away from finally launching the RX Vega but it looks like there will be more than one card on the way, with reports this week indicating that there will be three different SKUs. Right now, there are supposedly three Vega cards in the works, codenamed Vega XT, Vega XTX and Vega XL.

Apparently we can expect the RX Vega XTX to be the top of the pile, featuring 4096 shader units, 8GB of HBM2 and 375W board power. This particular model features an all-in-one liquid cooler, similarly to the Fury X. From there, the RX Vega XT features the same core specs but will feature an air cooler instead while using 285W board power. The RX Vega XL has an unconfirmed amount of HBM2 memory but is said to feature 3584 shader units instead. This one will also feature an air cooler and use 285W of power.

The initial report here came from a source speaking with the German site, 3DCenter, which reported the three Vega codenames, alongside shader units and TDPs. Videocardz then spoke with its own sources to confirm the information, adding that a version of the RX Vega with 16GB of HBM2 hasn’t been ruled out just yet, though in my opinion it seems unlikely based on the current information we have.

AMD’s official RX Vega unveiling is still set to take place at SIGGRAPH on the 30th of July. The latest performance leaks seem to indicate that at least one RX Vega GPU will pull ahead of a GTX 1080 but won’t match the GTX 1080Ti.

KitGuru Says: With the RX Vega launch so close, we are bound to see a few leaks during the build up. Hopefully once all is said and done, Vega will meet expectations.

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