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Psyonix is working on Rocket League’s full console cross-platform play

Following Fortnite’s introduction as the first fully cross-compatible game, developer Psyonix is working with Sony to implement the same level of openness with Rocket League. Despite building the vehicular game to be cross-platform from the start, the studio has cautioned fans that this could take some time given the logistics behind it.

Rocket League has implemented elements of cross-platform play since it launched for PC and PlayStation 4 in 2015. It extended this courtesy to Xbox One players when the title launched early in 2016, however neither console was able to interact with one another. Although the Nintendo Switch version launched a year and a half later, it wasn’t until Patch v144 launched on April 13th, 2018 that PC, Xbox One and Switch players could all hop into the same game, noticeably omitting PS4.

This could soon change, as Psyonix CEO Dave Hagewood excitedly took to Reddit to praise the effort that other developers and fans have made to ask for cross-platform play. “It is with the greatest joy that I can now acknowledge that all the major consoles are making progress towards a truly all-platform cross-platform play experience!”

Although all of the pieces of the puzzle seem to be ready at first glance, Hagewood states that “it takes the substantial cooperation and coordination of many partners, most notably the platform holders themselves” to enact. “There are still many factors, some of which take time, that means we have to have some patience.”

The roadmap for full console cross-platform play hasn’t been released, but we can be sure that Psyonix isn’t the only developer eyeing up the new possibilities made by Sony’s newfound stance on the feature.

KitGuru Says: Alongside Epic Games, Psyonix has always been one of the more vocal studios to support cross-platform play as a feature. Once all is working with Fortnite’s beta, hopefully Sony will speed the process up for other developers. What do you think of Rocket League eventually implementing cross-platform play across all consoles?

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