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Real Rocket League toy-cars coming soon

They won’t have rocket power in their rear, or be able to double jump and flip, but the upcoming range of “pull-back” racers inspired by Rocket League will be faithful to the original car designs. Zag toys is set to create 12 miniatures taken straight from the game, with a …

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Xbox One vs PC: more gamers may soon face-off

Although there are always debates about who would win in certain titles: console gamers or PC gamers, it’s not often been feasible, due to a variety of reasons, to have them find out. However now Microsoft may open it up to many more games, suggesting that theoretically, there’s little stopping any …

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Rocket League season one to end in February

Rocket League, one of the biggest break out successes of 2015, has been running its first season of ranked play for several months now, with no initial announcement about how long it would be. Well now we know, roughly. Psyonix’ first update of 2016 will bring an end to Season …

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Rocket League will mutate in next free update

Rocket League has been one of this year’s break out titles, that has people wondering about Esports potential thanks to its easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay and extreme potential for uber-high-level play with experienced gamers on the pitch. But it looks like all the aerials and wall rides …

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Rocket League will come to other platforms

Rocket League launched earlier this month and it has been a great success so far. Reviews have been great, there has been a high level of support from Twitch streamers and the game has sold over five million copies so far. Now, it seems that the team behind Rocket League …

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