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Rocket League to remove online features from Linux and macOS versions

Rocket League players on macOS and Linux are getting some bad news this week, as Psyonix is dropping online support for both platforms. The online-removing patch will arrive in March, at which point players will only have access to local multiplayer. 

According to an update to the Rocket League support site, Psyonix says it has become “more difficult to support macOS and Linux” as the studio looks to adapt to newer technologies. There will be one final patch for Rocket League on Linux and macOS in March, which will remove online matchmaking, private matches, tournaments, the Rocket Pass, the item shop, friends lists, clubs, the ‘news panel', new Steam Workshop maps, leaderboards and a few other online-only features.

Linux and macOS versions of the game will still have access to local matches, split-screen gameplay, the garage/inventory, career stats, replays and any custom maps downloaded before the patch comes out.

There are ways around this though. On Linux, users can try running the Windows version of Rocket League using Steam Proton or Wine. Meanwhile on Apple systems, you can create a Windows partition using Boot Camp and run Windows games from there. These aren't great solutions to native online features, but it should get the job done.

KitGuru Says: I think a bit more explanation is needed here, as while macOS and Linux players will be in the minority, removing features that are currently working is going to raise some eyebrows. Do any of you play Rocket League on a non-Windows system? How do you feel about the upcoming changes? 


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