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Rocket League hits new record of 1,000,000 concurrent players

Despite launching over 5 years ago, Rocket League continues to become more and more popular. With Rocket League going free to play recently, it appears the rocket powered soc(car) game is already reaping the rewards of this move, as Rocket League has now, for the first time, surpassed 1 million concurrent players.

Announced by Corey Davis on Twitter, the co-studio head of development at Psyonix announced “Today @RocketLeague passed 1 million concurrent players! Let's go!!!!” sharing an image of an in-game concurrent player count of 1003036 players.

While this figure represents concurrent players across all platforms (thanks to Rocket League’s addition of cross-play support back in 2019), the achievement is nonetheless commendable.

On Steam, only three games have ever surpassed a concurrent player count of 1 million players: PlayerUnknowns BattleGrounds (3,257,248), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (1,308,963), and Dota 2 (1,295,114). Of course, many other titles have surpassed 1 million concurrent players across multiple platforms, but Steam is more open with its platform data than most, making for an easy comparison.

However you slice it, Psyonix’s decision to make Rocket League free-to-play appears to already be paying off. It’ll be interesting to see whether this figure will remain the game’s all-time peak, or whether obtaining 1 million concurrent players is only the beginning of a brand new chapter for Rocket League. Time will tell.

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