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PUBG breaks 1 million concurrent users, teases next update

Yesterday, PlayerUnknown himself said that Battlegrounds could one day reach the potential 100 million overall users that League of Legends sports. The game is now one step closer, with PUBG breaking its first million concurrent players, which is amazingly close to breaking Dota 2’s record.

It was just two weeks ago that PUBG managed to surpass Dota 2’s 850,000+ concurrent players, but now the game is rapidly approaching the MOBA’s all-time concurrent count. Sitting with a record of 1,291,328 players, Battlegrounds is just a little over 260,000 players away from surpassing it entirely, which could happen before we know it.

The game isn’t slowing down on growth, which is in part due to developer Bluehole’s brilliant communication and regular updates. These updates have slowed down a touch with the developer dropping its monthly update schedule to maintain the quality of the updates, however things are still moving at a speedy pace.

The next update is set to add the Mini-14 rifle, foggy weather conditions, FPP leaderboards and, of course, a plethora of bug fixes.

KitGuru Says: The introduction of fog could certainly change the playstyles a little bit and get people moving more instead of camping and waiting. What do you think about PUBG’s new heights? Is there something specific in the next update that you want to see?


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