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PUBG Corp officially names its third map Sanhok ahead of next beta test

PUBG Corp is gearing for the launch of its third map in a couple of months, shedding its working title of Codename: Savage and taking on the official name of Sanhok. Following on from its second beta test three weeks ago, Sanhok is due for another public test later this week.

The developer announced the tropical-themed arena back in March, changing the dynamic of traditional PUBG matches by halving the size of the launch map, Erangel and Miramar. At just 4km×4km, Sanhok is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ smallest map to date.

Sanhok’s second round of beta testing, when it was previously still known as Codename: Savage, introduced a lot of changes from the initial design. This included additional areas, such as Banyan Grove and Abandoned Quarry within the centre of the island, alongside a south-eastern Dock and a brand new dynamic weather system.

Given the smaller map’s purpose to condense match times, a number of changes were also made to the gameplay, such as the deadly Bluezone adjust the time it takes to close in on areas based on how many players left alive and the Redzone having its radius and duration trimmed.

It hasn’t yet been revealed what changes the third portion of testing will usher in, meaning that players will simply have to jump in blind on Thursday, 7pm PDT, which equates to Friday, at 3am for UK residents and 4am for those throughout Europe.

The testing period is available to anyone that owns PUBG on Steam and will last until Monday at 4am PDT / 12pm BST / 1pm CEST, giving players the entire weekend to explore the changes and hunt for bugs.

KitGuru Says: The third tropical-themed map seems to be shaping up nicely, prompting thoughts towards what the developer might have in store for the theme of its inevitable fourth map. Personally, something snow-based might be interesting to see. What would you like to come after Sanhok? Will you be delving into the third round of testing this weekend?

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