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Rainbow Six Siege will introduce “MMR Roll Back” for cheaters and boosters

While Ubisoft’s zero tolerance policy against cheaters and boosters in Rainbow Six Siege is flawed, the developer is continually making changes and tweaks with longevity in mind. Alongside unveiling the new Australian map Outback, boosters will be punished further by getting their rank stripped from them thanks to the upcoming “MMR Roll Back” feature.

Starting in Year 4’s Operation Burnt Horizon, cheaters that get caught will trigger the MMR Roll Back feature that resets the Match Making and Rating (MMR), otherwise known as ELO, for all players involved. Since there is no way to detect which matches a cheater utilised their cheats in, Ubisoft will be issuing a blanket roll back for all seasonal matches that included the cheater in question to more effectively maintain “a stable MMR environment.”

Most boosted players would see an average of 1,000 to 2,000 MMR removed from their account, however repeat offenders saw spikes of up to 5.600 taken from their account. This is more than what is required to go from the lowest rank of Copper 4 to the highest rank of Diamond.

Ubisoft has quietly tested the system in the background of Operation Wind Bastion, gathering data as well as investigating outliers and “edge cases.” While the developer initially wanted to just roll back MMR when a cheater wins a match, Ubisoft found that “it severely imbalanced MMR equity” over time. This means that lucky winners against a cheater will see their MMR removed, just as they would receive MMR had they lost the match.

“The goal of the MMR Roll Back feature is to help reduce the long-term impact of cheaters on your seasonal rankings,” reads Ubisoft’s post. “And it will be an additional tool in our arsenal as we continue to move forward towards establishing greater countermeasures against cheaters.”

KitGuru Says: I can’t say I would have been best pleased with the system when I was wrongfully banned for boosting, but deterrents like this certainly ensure that there will be less cheaters and boosters around. The feature has been a long time in the making, and is perhaps more a cause for celebration than the new content.

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