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Space X Falcon 9 crash was hardest droneship impact yet

Yesterday Space X once again sent up a Falcon 9 rocket to deliver a payload into Near Earth Orbit. That all went to plan, but on attempting to recover its fourth first-stage booster rocket in a row, a problem during the landing caused a rapid unscheduled disassembly (RUD), which in …

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Space X shows off mass-rocket production

Space X is ramping up production of its Falcon 9 rocket and to prove it, it showcased an image on its Instagram account of as many as five of the iconic boosters currently being constructed at its facilities. This comes just a few weeks after Space X COO, Gwynne Shotwell, …

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Elon Musk confirms Space X Falcon 9 booster landed unharmed

Although there were many great scientific breakthroughs in 2015, the most exciting for some came at the tail end of it. Space X's landing of a first stage rocket booster after separation represents a real turning point in space travel efficiency and thankfully, it looks like the rocket touched down …

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NASA starts testing shuttle successor

Despite President Obama ending both the Shuttle program and Constellation (return to the moon by 2020) programs at NASA over the past few years, the organisation hasn't been resting on its laurels. One of its biggest developments has been designing and prototyping the successor to the iconic Shuttle, known as …

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