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Skybound teases beyond The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which concludes in March

The Epic Games Store isn’t the most popular place with gamers since Metro Exodus suddenly jumped ship, but it is responsible for lending a helping hand in saving The Walking Dead: The Final Season after Telltale’s closure. Developer Skybound Games has now confirmed that the fourth and final episode will land on digital platforms on March 26th, accompanied by complete physical releases across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

March 26th will look familiar to fans of the series, who will have noticed the date appear next to Episode 4 on the menu following the release of its predecessor last month. Skybound Games set the launch in stone in a tweet earlier today, alongside revealing the title to be “Take Us Back.”

It seems as though Skybound Games has much more in store for the series, as a reply to the original tweet teases “more announcements, updates and news coming your way over the next few weeks.” The website itself says that fans should “stay tuned for news about The Final Season” as the developer has “Something juicy coming up later this month.”

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to news about The Final Season itself, but it also looks like Skybound is also working on a full-series physical collection for consoles. One fan praised the company for the physical version of Season 4, but wished “they would add the physical Collection for the Switch.” Skybound simply asked the user to “stay tuned!”

This will mark the end of the tumultuous journey of The Walking Dead series, created by the beautiful minds at Telltale. The studio shut down following a series of poor managerial decisions, leaving The Walking Dead: The Final Season unfinished, fans out of pocket and talented workers out of the job. Skybound Games, owned by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, offered a helping hand for the series and some of its creators, resulting in an unprecedented collaboration within the industry. Only time will tell where the studio will take the series moving forward.

KitGuru Says: One user suggested that Skybound might have a hidden episode planned, possibly taking place in an alternate reality from the original ending. What would you like to see from the remainder of The Walking Dead: The Final Season?

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