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Sony is ending the sale of PlayStation game codes in physical stores

Physical video game retailers such as GAME in the UK and GameStop in the US have tried to remain competitive in the digital era by selling download codes for video games in store. Last week, an email uncovered to the latter revealed that Sony will begin prohibiting the sale of digital download codes starting next month.

The memo was uncovered by Twitter user Wario64, which explains that “Sony will no longer provide full game digital download codes” to be redeemed on the PlayStation Store starting April 1. After that date, all “digital SKUs will be deactivated in the POS” (point of sale), and pre-orders for games that release will be encouraged to opt in for a physical disc instead.

Strangely, digital versions of Mortal Kombat 11 and Days Gone remain unaffected during their release dates on the 23 and 16 April, 2019. Digital pre-orders from in-store will be fulfilled and remain on sale for one week after their respective dates before they succumb to the same fate as other codes.

Digital codes have remained handy for those that don’t wish to input personal details into Sony’s PlayStation Network, which has had instability issues in the days of the PlayStation 3. Fortunately, PSN wallet codes will still remain on sale in their usual increments, allowing players to continue to pre-order and purchase games digitally without sacrificing that veil of protection.

KitGuru Says: While physical video game stores are already suffering, this move is sure to affect them even worse in the long-term as everyone shifts to a digital library. How do you purchase your games? Are you a fan of collecting physical releases to display or the convenience of an online library?

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