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Star Citizen’s celebrity-clad Squadron 42 trailer boosts crowdfunding by over $1m

Cloud Imperium Games pushed its Alpha 3.3 into Star Citizen’s public test servers last week, alongside debuting the most complete trailer for its celebrity-filled Squadron 42 single-player campaign yet. Over the next few days, the developer saw a steady flow of income as the game received another $1 million in crowdfunding.

While Star Citizen regularly sees tens of thousands of US dollars flowing in each day according to the live tracker, the update and trailer saw fans sink nearly $380,000 into the game on Wednesday 10th. Another $325,000 appeared on the Thursday and a steady stream of $190,000 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That totals another $1.275 million in just five days, with no signs of stopping as a new week begins.

Overall funding since Star Citizen originally launched its 2012 Kickstarter is $195,941,304, with signs that the title could very well hit $200 million before the end of the year. Currently, there’s are a whopping 2.1 million players, dubbed Star Citizens, despite the game still being quite a way away from officially releasing.

Alongside its new Face Over Internet Protocol (FOIP) allowing for live facial expressions while using a webcam, Star Citizen’s Alpha 3.3 controversially ushered in a range of new ships. One of which is the $330 basic Anvil Valkyrie dropship, and its $700 variant with added extras. Questionable choices aside, players will finally get a full Squadron 42 roadmap in December that will reveal when the single-player campaign will finally be available.

KitGuru Says: Continually adding to the $27,000-worth of ships already in the game despite Star Citizen being far from finished is a questionable move, but one fans seem happy to pay for. It’s great to see such progress being made on Squadron 42, but Star Citizen’s end looks too far away to still be dabbling with yet more ships to me. How do you feel about the game’s progress?

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