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The Division 1.7 update adds loot boxes

It seems the trend of CS:GO-style loot boxes continues, with The Division following in the footsteps of Rainbow Six: Siege and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by including them in its 1.7 update that lands tomorrow. That’s not all, as returning players can expect to see new global evens and modifiers for the entire game.

This new information comes from information packed into the patch details, showing a listing of “Encrypted Caches.” These new Caches contain “exclusive emotes, outfits and skins,” which can be bought with “premium credits, or assembled from key fragments, which you can collect by completing commendations or killing named bosses.”

Commendations act like achievements or trophies, in which you will receive rewards for completing various objectives throughout the game. Don’t worry if you’ve done a lot in the game and are worried that you’ll miss out, as all commendation requirements that have already been met will be retroactively rewarded with premium currency.

Alongside the loot crates, the ability to customise your character’s appearance will be further enhanced along with some more powerful gear introduced into the game. Expect to see facemasks aplenty tomorrow.

KitGuru Says: Although this is another game that has taken the loot crate approach, we can rest easy knowing that it is just aesthetic items that won’t unbalance gameplay. Are you still playing The Division? Will you jump back in when 1.7 lands tomorrow?

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