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There is a 480Hz monitor prototype out in the wild

Over the last year we have seen a rise in the number of high refresh rate monitors around, with 1080p/240Hz panels now becoming more common. It seems like the next jump is just on the horizon too, with 480Hz panels now being tested out in the wild.

Late last week, the folks over at Blur Busters announced that they had managed to get hold of a barebones panel with a true 480Hz refresh rate. The panel itself has a native resolution of 4K/120Hz but has reduced resolution high refresh rate modes built in, so it can scale down to 1080p with a blazing fast 480Hz refresh rate.

Image Source: Blur Busters

This isn’t a monitor that is going to be hitting the wild any time soon though. Blur Busters has a barebones kit, meaning it is basically just the panel with some basic housing around it. For the time being, that’s all we know about this panel but a more in-depth article analysing the panel is on its way.

KitGuru Says: Display technology seems to be advancing at a pretty fast rate at the moment. 480Hz monitors aren’t going to hit the market for a while but this is still a very interesting look at what the future holds. Whether or not many people will benefit from jumping up to such a high refresh rate remains to be seen.

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