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Rainbow Six Siege’s latest update adds a loot box system

Back in May, Ubisoft officially delayed/halted production on future ‘Year Two’ DLC for Rainbow Six Siege, replacing it with ‘Operation Health’. While that is still under way, this week’s Rainbow Six update focusses on something a little different, with a loot box system now rolling out for the game.

These days, loot boxes with rare cosmetic items are common in multiplayer shooters and Ubisoft wants to be in on the action. This week, Rainbow Six Siege will get something known as ‘Alpha Packs’ as part of the 2.1.1 update. In these packs, you will be able to obtain different cosmetic items, with differing levels of rarity to help customise your operators. All of the cosmetic items you have previously been able to pick up using the in-game ‘Renown’ currency will be part of these Alpha Packs, as well an exclusive ‘Legendary’ tier of new items.

You will be able to get Alpha Packs using Renown, which is earnable in-game anyway. This is in keeping with Siege’s policy of making everything unlockable by playing the game, including new playable characters.

While Alpha Packs are the key inclusion with update 2.1.1, a spawn kill exploit on the Kanal map has been fixed, as well as an issue with Hibana’s explosives, causing some not to explode or not display properly.

KitGuru Says: Operation Health has been under way for almost two months now, so hopefully most of the major issues have been fixed at this point. Are many of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? I still hop in once every few weeks or so, though I am a couple of updates behind at this point.

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