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THQ Nordic overhauls Red Faction: Guerrilla in its Re-Mars-tered Edition

Despite THQ’s closure, its biggest properties have all found a lovely home with Nordic, now known as THQ Nordic. While we know another Darksiders is on the way, the latest reveal revisits Red Faction: Guerrilla, updating various graphical elements for the “Re-Mars-tered Edition.”

The punny title comes from Red Faction: Guerrilla’s setting, as the player traverses a terraformed Mars to fight back against the Earth Defense Force (EDF), who have taken to mistreating the Martian miners through slave labour. For those familiar with the two more linear predecessors, the EDF were known as the protagonists but have since transformed into the antagonists thanks to pressure from Earth's government wanting to rectify its problem with low resources.

Guerrilla has retained a cult following since its 2009 release, thanks to its unique take on destructibility. Virtually everything in sight could be destroyed and torn down, simultaneously killing many enemies in the process. This was particularly showcased in its “Wrecking Crew” mode, prompting local players to take turns in seeing how much damage they can cause with a limited number of resources.

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Since THQ Nordic’s acquisition of both the name and game rights, it has been caring for the title. This saw the largely disliked Games For Windows Live integration stripped away and the game instead paired with Steamworks at the end of 2014.

The main overhaul focuses on smoothing over the slightly dated graphics, improving the lighting, shading and post-processing effects. Of course, the re-release will include support for 4K resolution to bring it up to date.

THQ Nordic has announced that Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered will release during Q2 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Owners of the original game on Steam will receive the remaster for free.

KitGuru Says: The fact that Guerrilla is the focus of the remaster over the original two or 2011’s Armageddon shows that THQ Nordic values the title’s popularity. And with a bunch of people that overlooked the title 9 years ago, it seems there’s a perfect audience ready and waiting. Hopefully this bodes well for a new entry into the series in the future. Will you be playing the Re-Mars-tered Edition?

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