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THQ Nordic unleashes Fury as War is set to return in Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic revealed its upcoming continuation of the Darksiders series earlier this year, debuting the third horseman (horseperson?), Fury. Armed with a whip, the latest trailer for Darksiders 3 shows off Fury’s skills and utility with a surprise interaction with original protagonist, War.

The new gameplay trailer depicts a much more polished version of the game than the 12-minute long footage shown back in May, showing her using her whip to traverse around a hellish landscape, fighting skeletal Hollows and an armoured, headless Lava Brute.

While the gameplay looks every bit as interesting as the previous entries, the main thing that catches my attention is Fury’s interaction with her brother and protagonist of the first Darksiders title, War. With War being captured, fatigued and Fury’s tone in her greeting, it sounds like the two have some unresolved tension that the narrative will no doubt address.

Spoilers for the Darksiders prequel comic book follow.

In the comics, War engages in a battle with his siblings due to his angry and defiant nature. After initially subduing Fury, with Death’s intervention, she severed War’s natural left arm, in which he went on to replace with an enchanted gauntlet. This would explain much of the tension between Fury and War, and why the former would leave the latter chained up.

Darksiders 3 is expected to land sometime in 2018, with more updates on the title arriving in the coming months.

KitGuru Says: I am not usually a fan of hack ‘n’ slash games, but Darksiders has a rich narrative and great, fluid gameplay. It looks like the third title is shaping up to carry on that legacy nicely. Are you looking forward to Darksiders 3?

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