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Using Deltarune’s uninstaller could delete other user files

Yesterday, Undertale creator Toby Fox lifted the lid on his lastest project, unveiling the mysterious Deltarune. The creepy story was certainly welcomed by fans, at least until they encountered an uninstaller bug that can delete the entire folder it's housed in.

Fox publicly addressed the problem on his official Twitter account, explaining that Deltarune's uninstaller can unintentionally delete the directory it sits in. Depending on where the file sits on a player's hard drive, this could yield quite disastrous consequences.

Those still interested in trying out Deltarune are best isolating the “SURVEY_PROGRAM” installation in order to prevent it from affecting other files, while those who have already downloaded the game are best not touching the uninstaller until the issue is resolved. It's currently unclear if Fox is working to make the file safer, or when a fix will drop if that's the case.

In the meantime, its seems as though people are honouring Fox's request to keep details surrounding Deltarune on the downlow until its first 24 hours are up. While I can imagine this preserves the likely-astounding individual experience, there's nothing quite like the combined hivemind of the internet to uncover secrets missed by the majority.

KitGuru Says: It looks as though that initial Microsoft Defender warning might not be entirely inaccurate, even if the software is often intrusive. Still, the file size of Deltarune is rather small and causes no harm just sitting there. Have you had any trouble with Deltarune since it launched yesterday?

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