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Wolfenstein 2 developers talk about environmental storytelling

A lot less subtle and more direct to the point, developer MachineGames’ new trailer for Wolfenstein 2 delves into the meaning behind previous marketing for the game. Executive Producer Jerk Gustafson and Creative Director Jens Matthies discuss the control that the Nazi’s have in The New Colossus as well as the strictly in-game politics displayed throughout the sequel.

After winning World War 2, the Nazi’s keep an open front in Africa while controlling the rest of the world. Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is all about stepping into the shoes of BJ Blazkowicz as he tries to save the U.S. from the Nazi’s 14-year reign and create a platform to therefore save the rest of the world one step at a time.

14 years is a pretty long time, which MachineGames wants to explore in the way of environmental storytelling. This is laid out via propaganda, seen plastered over the walls, on the television screens and even from the mouths of brainwashed citizens who’ve defected under pressure. The significance of this is to show “how the Nazi’s are slowly changing the cultural identity of America,” and give a reason to fight against oppression.

There is a drastic contrast between two of the game’s settings, with New Orleans laying in ruins where “people are left to fend for themselves” in comparison to Roswell, which acts as a “functioning city.” This holds deeper meaning as we know that The New Colossus will be knee deep in the weird sci-fi roots of the Wolfenstein games, which deviates from the predecessor’s more grounded approach. The Nazi’s seem to occupy and maintain order in an area that bears significance to furthering their cause, while leaving places which are useless to them to crumble.

KitGuru Says: Wolfenstein 2 has shaped up so much that it has me, a newcomer to the series, completely hooked. It’s method of storytelling and sheer thought have me excited for a deeply story driven game, while mindlessly shooting Nazi robots with beautiful looking weaponry. Are you looking forward to The New Colossus?

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