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Nvidia rolls out beta driver 364.51 following widespread issues

Yesterday, Nvidia launched a new ‘Game Ready' driver for Tom Clancy's The Division, Hitman, and Need for Speed, all of which come out this month. Unfortunately, those who were quick to install it started facing some serious issues including crashes, boot loops, blue screens, black screens, basically every problem you don't want to run into after updating your drivers.

After sifting through feedback yesterday, Nvidia's engineers seem to have identified the issue, which caused a fault with the install process while performing an ‘Express Installation' rather than a completely clean install.


Following on from that, today Nvidia launched beta driver 364.51, which should solve the issues. However, it is waiting for WHQL approval at the time of writing.

So if you installed driver 364.47 yesterday and have been having severe issues since, then this beta driver should help. Since it isn't WHQL certified, you will need to grab it from the GeForce website manually rather than from the GeForce Experience. You can find the driver, HERE. 

KitGuru Says: It is always a shame when this sort of thing happens, especially when there are big game releases that people want to play. Did any of you install driver 364.47 yesterday? Has the new beta release fixed things for you?  

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