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New content patch released for Outward offering new end game bosses and more

Hardcore RPG game Outward gets some new updates in a patch making it even more hardcore. Included are new enemies and a new difficulty level, with bugs fixes and secret endgame bosses also added to spice things up.

The open-world RPG game Outward focuses on ultra-realism and is one of the most intriguing RPG games of the year. The game has just received a huge update including a flock of new features and fixes which add to the already hefty content in the game.

A major challenge awaiting players is the addition of new endgame bosses, which will be available after players complete the faction storylines. Another appealing change will be the inclusion of a new hardcore mode which should attract the attention of players who have enjoyed the game since launch.

Hardcore mode will make the game a lot tougher, so new players may find it a bit tricky. When defeated in hardcore mode, players may have the chance to get a defeat scenario, or alternatively, their character may just be killed off completely. In addition to that, anyone playing in hardcore mode will not be able to play against players who aren’t.

Along with those changes, bleed damage has been seriously nerfed, by up to four times less when you start to bleed out in-game. Players will also now have the ability to move super-fast, however, this is classed as a cheat so you will be named ‘Code Sonic' while playing.

Other main features of the patch are that seven new languages have been added to the game, meaning more players can enjoy Outward in their native language. Legacy chests have also had an overhaul along with lots of gameplay balance and bugs fixes being implemented.

You can find the full changelog detailing all fixes and updates to Outward in this latest patch on Steam here.

KitGuru says: I’ve not played Outward myself but after looking into this update, it seems really interesting. How many of you guys are playing it and what do you think of the new updates?

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