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Pokémon Let’s Go titles coming to Switch, Pokémon Quest already available on eShop

Nintendo has scored itself another major exclusive for the Switch this year, as today Pokémon: Let's Go was officially announced. The spin-off title won't be the 8th Gen ‘Core RPG' that many hardcore fans are hoping for, but it is considered to be a mainline Pokémon game with several ties to Pokémon Go.

Pokémon: Let's Go comes in two versions like most other Pokémon games, there will be a Pikachu edition and an Eevee edition this time around. Scheduled for release in November 2018, the games are considered to be spiritual successors to the old Game Boy title Pokémon Yellow but with aspects of Pokémon Go included. Players will be able to interact with the Pokémon world by using the Joy-Con controllers to throw Poké Balls to catch the unassuming little creatures and there will also be a new two-player mode for family and friends to “battle and explore together.”

Upon launch, there's also a special controller for trainers – the Poké Ball Plus – which has motion controls, lights, sounds and rumble effects that make it feel like your Pokémon is actually caught inside. Pokémon Let's Go wasn't the only announcement made today though.

Pokémon Quest was also released to Nintendo’s own eShop as a free-to-play title. Made by developers Game Freak, Pokémon Quest is quite different from other Pokémon games and sees players explore the world of Tumblecube Island. It's a Minecraft inspired take on Pokémon with lots of crafting and base building elements.

The Pokémon announcement stream didn't end there. To tide hardcore Pokémon fans over, we also received news of another core Pokémon RPG still in the works. This is the game that Nintendo teased at last year's E3, it will feature new 8th generation Pokémon and arrive in late 2019 for the Switch.

Pokémon Quest is already available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, but the game will also be heading to iOS and Android later on. Pokémon: Let's Go Pikachi! and Let's Go Eevee! will be launching on the 16th of November.

KitGuru Says: Pokémon finally makes it to Switch! Pokémon Go was obviously a massive success when released in 2016, so it’s high time we saw something new from the portable Pokémon universe on iOS and Android too. Are you interested in either the Let’s Go or Quest titles?

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