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4X MMORTS Starborne enters open beta on April 2

Starborne is a free-to-play MMORTS for PC. Developed by the Icelandic studio Solid Clouds, this game has been in development since 2014, and it has been in alpha since 2015. Now, with over 180,000 registered users and 211 years of gameplay time during alpha, Starborne is about to start its open beta stage on April 2, which brings numerous changes to the game.

Unlike most MMORTS currently available, Starborne is a 4X (Civilization-like game) strategy game that is played in real-time sessions, with thousands of players, that take eight weeks. In these sessions, players start by building up their empire and then fight for dominance over the solar system, by forging alliances and laying waste to empires.

The open beta announcement brought a new trailer, additional content, multiple changes to the game, and a live open beta test server. Starting with the gameplay changes, there have been improvements in the game's performance and stability, the alliance size has been reduced to 15, coalitions are “no longer part of the frontier”, and the mysterious artifacts, vortexes and broken planets are now “part littered around the map”.

According to Solid Cloud, the latest additions to Starborne include a new map with zones suitable to expand and build an empire, and three ways of winning a game that will “cater to different play-styles”, namely military, industrial and domain. There's also a new in-game tutorial, new Empire skins, map pins to coordinate the alliance that you belong to, badges that show your achievements and progress, and an Android Companion App preview.

If you want to learn more about Starborne, you can visit the official website. You can also start playing on the open beta test server now by signing up and download the client. The open beta test server will be up for two weeks.

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