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Apex Legends is adding Duos mode for a limited time

Following the previously added solo mode for a limited time, Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind Apex Legends, announced on social media the upcoming Duos mode for players to enjoy. This new mode will come next week, on the 5th November.

Apex Legends has been a 3-man squad game since its release, with the exception of a solo mode added in Season 2 for a limited time. After Respawn removed the game mode, some players were disappointed with the developer's decision. Now, Respawn Entertainment is adding a duo mode in Season 3, for a limited time as well, starting next week on the 5th November.

In Duos, you will either be paired with a random player, through matchmaking, or you can team up with a friend. With another player in your team, the team-based skills can still be relevant, unlike in solo play.

These limited-time events, the solo and duo modes, show that Respawn is not in a hurry to give its players the variety of game modes that other battle royale games, like Fortnite and PUBG have. It seems that these events are working as beta tests for a future definitive release at a later date.

There's no information regarding the duration of Duos, but 2-3 weeks is the usual period for this kind of event. Just like solo mode, it's expected that Duos will occasionally return after the event ended.

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KitGuru says: In other battle royale games, you can always play solo, duos, or squad. I never fully understood the design choice of locking people into playing in trios on Apex Legends. Do you think that duos and solo should be permanent additions to Apex Legends? Will you hop on the 5th November to check the Duos mode?

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