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Star Citizen will be free to play for 10 days, starting this Friday

Robert Space Industries is giving gamers the chance to play Star Citizen for free, for a limited time only. In celebration of “Invictus Launch Week”, Star Citizen will be free to play starting May 22nd, until June 1st.

During the Invictus Launch Week, you will be allowed to try an extensive selection of spaceships. Each day, different spaceship manufacturers will be highlighting their creations. This is the perfect chance to try those ships that may be out of your budget. Players will also be able to see any upcoming spaceships that manufacturers are producing through the Holoviewers.

To make it easier for new players, RSI has created a guide to accessing the spaceship showcase. You can see it here if you're interested. Once you get there, you will be allowed to take the showcased ships for a test-flight. On May 22nd and 23rd, Tumbril, RSI and Origin will display their spaceships, May 24th and 25th are for Anvil Aerospace, while May 26th and 27th are scheduled for Aegis Dynamics. May 28th and 29th will host ARGO, MISC, and CNOU spaceships, and May 30th and June 1st will be closing with Drake Interplanetary.

Additionally, the RSI team will publish a “former subscriber exclusive Portfolio piece about Rest & Relax” this Tuesday, an episode of Inside Star Citizen this Thursday, and show a “Roadmap update and Roundup”, an update to the Subscriber Vault, and a live broadcast on Star Citizen's Twitch Channel on Friday.

Star Citizen is available to download and is currently in Alpha version 3.9. You can learn more and download the game on the official website.

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