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Street Fighter V netcode bug from launch fixed by a modder

The Street Fighter V community has been showing its discontent regarding what seems to be a netcode bug that has been present since the game launched. After four years with no answer from Capcom, Redditor Altimor took the matter into his own hands and fixed the issue. 

After two days of work, Altimor patched a 4-year old bug from Street Fighter V. He claims it could have taken even less time if he had access to the source code. With no access to it, Altimor says he had to reverse engineer the game's code to fix the problem.

This bug had initially been reported when the game released back in 2016. The creator of the fighting game SkullGirls, MikeZ, and the creator of GGPO (Good Game Peace Out), Tony Canyon, had identified the problem in the game's first weeks, but Capcom seemingly ignored it.

As Altimor explained in his post, when both players have their “clocks” synced, everything is fine. His example is: using a four-frame packet round trip between both players, each of them will be “two-frames ahead of the time of the last received input” from the other and get a two-frame rollbacks. On the other hand, if one of the players lags, the other will receive inputs from “farther in the past” (15 frames max), causing huge rollbacks and artificial lag. For the lagging player, he may receive inputs that look to be “in the future”, but won't get rollbacks.

The fix was made to lock the “clock”. When applied, the modded client's clock should never get “more than half of your packet round trip time ahead of your opponent's”, preventing the player from getting rolled back.

For this fix to work, you can download it through his GitHub page. The player you are fighting against doesn't need to have the fix installed, but the unmodded client might still suffer one-sided rollback. Also, when cross playing against PS4 players, the repair seems to cause some problems to the console users.

According to Eurogamer, it seems that the fix has been getting quite positive feedback from the community.

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